Cinco de Mayo QuaranTeam Virtual Challenge

Like most Americans, every year we look forward to celebrating Cinco de Mayo at our favorite local Mexican restaurant! Usually you’ll spot us rockin’ our sombreros among-st our amigos with Coronas & Margaritas in hand, munching on a table full of nachos, tacos and burritos. But first, to feel good about indulging on all of the mouth-watering Mexican delights, we always participate in a PRE-FEAST challenge so we can work up a good appetite and not feel so guilty.

We’re inviting you and your “QuranTEAM” to participate in our FREE Virtual 5K, 5 mile or a 5 min plank challenge.

We have secured a generous sponsor, Synopsys, that is matching donations raised at a 2-to-1 ratio!

If you make a donation, your donation will be matched 200% instead of 100%.

Since this is virtual, this challenge can be completed anywhere by anyone wishing to participate! Even better, you have all day to complete the challenge! Do it, whenever it fits into your day.

The 5K and 5 mile distance can be completed on any course you have safe access to. (Flat, hilly, rolling, or even on a treadmill) If you’re meeting up with a friend or two, be sure to keep that pacing line 6 feet apart. 😊

Your “QuaranTeam” can be as big or as small as yourself. (Think the larger the team, the larger the donation.)

Those participating in the 5K and 5 Mile should upload their results for scoring purposes by 8PM. This data can be tracked with your phone or other GPS data capturing system.

Those of you who opt in the 5 min plank, (well KUDOS), this must be completed all in one shot, videotaped and uploaded to this event page. (Because well let’s be serious, not many people can hold a 5min plank hold and you deserve some bragging rights)

The top 3 “QuaranTeams” in the 5K and the 5 Mile will be mailed a $50 gift card to their favorite local Mexican Restaurant (Valid anywhere in the United States)

5K and 5 mile results will be posted by 9PM EST

How Does It Work?
1) Register your “QuaranTeam.” Each individual participating should sign up under your team.
2) Select which challenge you’d like to complete: 5K, 5 mile or a 5 min plank hold.
3) Select which charity you’d like to support (Not required, only if your able) If you don’t wish to donate, simply, continue through the registration process without selecting a donation value.
4) Complete your challenge on May 5, 2020 by 8PM
5) 5K or 5 mile challengers should submit results by 8PM on May 5th

Questions: Email